Michel van Zinnicq Bergmann

Michel van Zinnicq Bergman (Vught, 1954) woont en werkt te Amsterdam

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Michel van Zinnicq Bergmann is autodidact. He started painting as a hobby during his studies. Since 1999 he solely dedicates himself to painting. He now lives and works in Amsterdam.

One of his greatest loves has always been the sea. It was natural that the sea became an important subject in his paintings.

“ I always feel good walking along the sea. It fills me with its energy, with air, with freedom. That’s what the sea is for me: freedom. Never boring, always changing, always new. When I arrive at the sea, it always takes my breath away, a moment of pur amasement.”

“I use oil paint because i can mix the colours on the canvas directly, work ‘wet in wet’ for a long time, where acrylic paints dry much too quickly. In this way I can get much clooser to what I want: the subtleties and the great variety of the colours without loosing the straightforward and intuitive approach of the painting wich is necessary to get to the pure energy of the wind and the waves, felt during my walks.”

“All my seascapes are made in the studio, because the sea needs to be at a distance. I don’t want to make a litteral picture of the sea, but always an invented one, based on the images collected mentally during my walks. This means I cannot use photographs. Photographs would block the process of painting completely, would limit the freedom felt in front of the sea, would neutralize the energie needed to do the painting.”


p9d-zinniq_bergmann.jpg - Schildersweek Domburg

Michel van Zinnicq Bergmann