Ibrahim Ghazala

  • Graduated  from the faculty of fine arts ,Cairo 1984
  • He works as an assistant at Fine Arts Faculty. Minia University .
  • Visited Italy and Yugoslavia in artistic trips.
  • represented Egypt in the conference of non-allied countries for culture and art,1988 Titograde -Yugoslavia.
  • He traveled to Sultanate of Oman with dr. Shaban Meshoal & Mohamed Sabry for the documentary of the Omani  landscape, Ministry of Culture from March 19 to April 1990
  • Participated in landscape workshop in Pentedattilo Cecilia, South Italy 1998.
  • held an exhibition in Venice 1990.
  • Director of international art studios in luxor.
  • General commissaire of international symposium for painting in luxor.
  • Editor in chieve for visual art maazine (AL-Khayal).
  • Professor in faculty of fine art Elminia University.

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